When I paint my eyes to match my soup, it is not because I have nothing better to do than worry over trifles. It says, I belong here, and you will not deny me. When I streak my lips red as foxgloves, I say, Come here, male. I am your mate, and you will not deny me. When I pinch my cheeks and dust them with mother-of-pearl, I say, Death, keep off, I am your enemy, and you will not deny me.

I say these things, and the world listens, Masha. Because my magic is as strong as an arm.

I am never denied.



WHERE are they getting this stuff !!


Harry Potter Warner Brothers Studio Tour

I want to go there

Mia Wasikowska: Short Films [x]


Saw Desolation of Smaug last night and well, obviously this had to follow.

There are things even Angels do not understand.

Angel AU: Gabriel And Isabelle. Featuring Azmaria as the Morning Star.

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hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii i’m exhausted and prolly gonna get off soon but hello m’dear!

whiiiiiiiiiiiiines fine but lookitthisfirst



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