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Hong Kong protesters are using one ingenious app to organize themselves

How do protesters stay in contact with each other when the government has shut down or censored Internet and mobile networks? Simple: You don’t use either.

Meet Open Garden’s FireChat, the messenger app protesters in Hong Kong have been using to circumvent government attempts to prevent them from organizing by blocking social networks like Instagram. Instead of relying on a single website or government-controlled networks, FireChat uses a technology called mesh networking for its “Nearby” chat mode. 

Here’s what it looks like in action | Follow micdotcom 

at this point I don’t know if my brain even tries anymore

I read tumblr cursers as tumblr clitoris, and I’m done with my reading ability entirely

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Ever since I changed the theme on my main blog, I’ve had quite a few people ask me how I created a navigation bar in my header that sticks to the top once you’ve scrolled. And since I haven’t previously come across any tumblr tutorials on how to do this, I decided to write my own to help anyone wondering how to achieve this effect!

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Imogen Poots for H&M


I had a nice time in a random bluebell and forget-me-not field

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That’s a lie there are daffodils

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Favourite Screen Costumes || Mama Morton’s When You’re Good to Mama outfit (Chicago 2002)

Costumes by: Colleen Atwood